ADAMANTIX 16g 80% tungsten set

ADAMANTIX 16g 80% tungsten set

16g soft tipped dart set with 14g tungsten barrel, nylon handle and 150 micron PVC batten.


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With ADAMANTIX darts you will have confidence in your game! With an excellent combination of quality design and premium materials, these darts give you the precision and stability you need to achieve outstanding performance.
The darts have a modern dark black and red design that immediately catches your attention. The silver barrel made of 80% tungsten gives the darts even more elegance and style.
Each dart has a soft tip for playing on plastic targets.
With a 14g body made of 80% tungsten, these darts are strong and durable.
Black nylon handles accentuate the dark tone of the dart.
The 150 micron thick PVC blades not only provide a perfect flight path, but also significantly greater durability due to their strength.
The total weight of each dart is 16g. This means that these darts offer great balance and easy control during play.
Package includes 3 soft-tipped darts, 3 spare tips and travel case
Barrel material: 80% tungsten
Barrel thread: 2BA

Further information

Barrel weight

14 g

Dart weight

16 g






PVC, 150 micron


2BA (standard)

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