SWITCH ski goggles

Ski goggles with interchangeable lenses.

In the package blue REVO S3 and orange S1.

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Laceto LT-SWITCH ski goggles provide all the comfort you need when snowboarding or skiing. Thanks to the universal frame, the goggles fit on every helmet and the Super Anti-Fog and Flow Tech Venting system ensures a perfectly clear view. The LT-SWITCH ski goggles reflect most of the harsh light, which is great for riding in high mountain areas, but also for casual recreational riding.
The imaginary dot of the whole comfort of the glasses is enhanced by the soft fleece top layer, which does not create abrasions or unpleasant skin abrasions.

Laceto Switch ski goggles have a unique lens exchange system. The glasses are attached to the frame with magnets and can be easily replaced. Included in the package is a replacement orange glass with filter category S1. This glass is suitable for skiing in low light conditions.

The glasses are supplied with a microfibre cloth cover which can also be used to clean the lenses themselves.


The Flow Tech Venting system helps reduce fogging of the glass with vents in the frame. Optimizes airflow inside the goggles, giving the rider great vision during their ride


Super Anti – Fog is a special protective layer that, together with the Flow Tech Venting system, prevents fogging of the glass


Triple Layer Face Foam is a three-layer foam that provides excellent insulation and brings new comfort to your ride. Together with anti-fog systems, it creates a beautiful undistorted view that is worth trying out


  • 2 interchangeable magnetic glasses
  • great visibility
  • Glasses blue REVO and orange
  • Flow Tech Venting System
  • Super Anti-Fog System
  • Triple Layer Face Foam
  • Double glazing
  • UV protection
  • Throughput: 8-18% and 43-80%
  • sun filter S3 and S1
  • adjustable belt length
  • Material: outer glass – polycarbonate, inner glass – acetate, frame – PU
  • includes a microfibre cloth cover

Further information

Frame colour



blue REVO, Orange

Filter category

S1, S3

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