Cycling MTB Gloves LIET Green

Cycling MTB Gloves LIET Green

MTB gloves LIET in green.

Gel pads for impact protection.

Breathable and sweat-wicking.



The LIET mountain biking gloves, MTB gloves for short, stand out for their durability, flexibility and very low weight.

Everything is made of quality materials that provide sufficient comfort and mobility while protecting against abrasions and minor injuries.

The palm of the LIET glove is equipped with gel pads for protection against impacts and for a more comfortable and firm grip on the handlebars.

The gloves are also breathable and sweat-wicking, so your palms won’t slip when you ride.

Their design allows for an unrestricted and comfortable grip on the handlebars and controls.

In addition, the glove index finger has a special layer that allows you to control touch devices.

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50% PU, 30% Polyester, 20% Spandex

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