Snowshoes YOUTH children

YOUTH children’s snowshoes with a load capacity of up to 41 kg.

Quick-Click fastening. Adjustable strap with buckle.

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RUNTO YOUTH snowshoes are ideal for all little snow enthusiasts.

The design of the snowshoes allows children up to 41 kg to move comfortably on the snow. All clothing, shoes and other equipment carried by the child must be added to this weight.

The 18×45 cm snowshoe surface distributes the weight evenly and prevents sinking into deep snow, and the toothed blades made of painted steel together with the spikes prevent slipping.

The snowshoes easily attach to your boots with the Quick-Click ratchet, and the adjustable belt with buckle allows you to adjust the size as needed.

For comfortable movement, the toe of the shoe is mounted on a pivoting hinge with an inclination of up to 45°.

To make the snowshoes easy to transport, they are sold in a transport case with a zip fastening and carrying handles.

  • Easy to use
  • Load capacity up to 41 kg
  • Quick-Click fastening
  • Adjustable strap with buckle
  • Knitting 18×45 cm
  • Total of 15 spikes
  • Transport packaging

Surface material: PP

Tip material: steel

Further information


Carrying capacity

up to 41 kg

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