LACES quick release shoelaces

LACES quick release shoelaces

One pair of nylon laces with quick-release system.

Length 110 cm.



If you don’t like to spend time tying your shoelaces, our LACES quick release shoelaces are for you.

You only need to put the laces on the shoes once, adjust their length and then it will be a matter of seconds to take them on or off!

The 110 cm length ensures that you can put the laces on most shoes.

The procedure is simple:

  • laces to put on your shoes
  • adjust the length to fit your shoes comfortably
  • you cut the ends of the laces in a given length and hide the ends in a “crescent”
  • using the spring-loaded lock, you tighten the laces and you’re tied up

Lace material: Nylon

Material of plastic parts: PC, PVC

Further information


110 cm


Nylon, PC, PVC

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