Cooling towel COOLTOWEL

Cooling towel COOLTOWEL

Cooling sports towel with carabiner for hanging.

Size: 80 x 30 cm


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The COOLTOWEL cooling towel provides you with icy refreshment in any temperature.

Using the towel is very easy – just soak it in water and wring out the excess water, then you can do practically whatever you want with it (wrap yourself in it, wrap a drink in it or an object you want to keep cool).

The COOLTOWEL towel is also equipped with three pockets, an elastic band and a carabiner for hanging.


  • Can maintain a lower temperature than body temperature
  • 50% polyester, 50% nylon
  • Dimensions: 80 x 30 cm
  • compact – takes up little space

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50% polyester, 50% nylon

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