Nesmeky 8811

Shoe covers for walking on icy surfaces.

M = 36-39 EU
L = 40-44 EU
XL = 45-48 EU


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Hiking shoe covers are ideal for walking on snow or icy surfaces on flat or gently sloping terrain.
Thanks to these sandals you will have a confident walk and nothing will prevent you from maximum performance.
Nesmeky are made of a translucent material with a light weight that makes them easy to adjust to the shape of the shoe. Chains and tines are made of high quality steel for long life.

The chains are attached in a reinforcing blue ring that helps protect the rubber from breaking.
The packaging is included, which makes transporting the neseks convenient and easy.
Please note: Nesmeky is not suitable for alpine hiking and similarly demanding routes.

Material: rubber, steel

M = 36-39 EU
L = 40-44 EU
XL = 45-48 EU

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Rubber, Steel

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